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Final Fight: Double Impact on PSN afflicted with DRM

April 24, 2010

A few users on the PlayStation 3 have been reporting that they are receiving error codes when trying to play Final Fight: Double Impact, the HD remake of the 1989 sidescrolling beat-em-up Final Fight released on PS3 and Xbox 360, offline.

This was actually intended according to Capcom, the game’s developer.

Final Fight has a digital rights management system not unlike Ubisoft’s where the player must be connected to the Internet to be able to play the game. While this isn’t new to PSN games, such as the downloadable titles SOCOM: Confrontation and Warhawk, the idea was inconsequential as both games were online only.

What’s really irritating fans though was the lack of any documentation that stated the game would operate this way. Capcom has since released an apology for this.

“Capcom would like to formally apologize for the issues consumers are having with the PS3 version of Final Fight: Double Impact,” the developer said. “Typically, the notification for a required PlayStation Network connection appears in the full game description when a game is downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Unfortunately when populating this content this detail was overlooked and wasn’t included in the versions of the game that released in North America and Asia.”

Capcom has also stated it is working with Sony to resolve this issue.

[Via Gamasutra]

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