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New Pokemon Black and White information dump

May 16, 2010

[Update: There were some problems with the images displaying. They’ve been fixed now. Our apologies.]

With Heart Gold and Soul Silver already out globally and Nintendo already preparing for the fifth generation of the Pokemon series, information is being trickled out on Black and White versions through several Japanese magazines and through Japanese television show Pokemon Sunday.

This week in particular dropped a ton of new details on the game, including the main characters, the three starter Pokemon, event Pokemon and upgrades to the battle system. Head down below for the full recap.

First off are the three starters, following the series staple starter triangle of grass, fire and water. From the left is Tsutaja, described as a grass snake pokemon, Pokabu, the fire pig pokemon, and Mijumaru, the sea otter pokemon. Although it’s questionable why a grass snake would have feet, there are stranger pokemon out there.

The heroes setting out on a journey are these two. Both trainers are described as being older than previous trainers in the series, who were usually pegged to be around the age of 10. These two are pegged somewhere in the mid to late teens. I would hope so with regards to the female lead…

But where will these intrepid heroes be located?

The first location shown off is the bustling port city of Huin City, located in the all new Isshu region of the Pokemon world. People litter the streets of the city, rushing around in suits and talking to the player. The whole city is presented in full 3D through a sort of fish-eye perspective, as seen previously.

Lastly, the battle system was demonstrated, showing that, while remaining similar to the system the series has kept for 14 years, touch ups have been made, including full body sprites for pokemon the player uses and full animation for all pokemon while idling.

One of the battles shown was between legendary pokemon Raikou and Entei, causing Entei to reveal itself as the new pokemon Zoroark after an attack from Raikou, showing the dark fox pokemon can transform into other pokemon.

The first event for the game was detailed in that shiny versions of the legendary pokemon Raikou, Suicune and Entei will be given out during the cinema release of the upcoming movie, “Pokemon Movie 13: The Phantom Champion Zoroark”, unlocking a special version of Zoroark within the game.

To see the reveals in video, check out this link. Otherwise, hit up the gallery below for some screens released by Nintendo.

[Thanks to AndriaSang for the heads up!]

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